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Originally working in Woodstock, NY during the 'Woodstock Handmade Houses' era of the early 1970's Shelter Builders began restoring unique houses, violins, and vintage guitars on a professional basis.  Working for a decade in both Woodstock & NYC a permanent move westward to the San Francisco Bay Area began a continuing relationship with the extraordinary architectural history of the Bay Area.

For several decades as a Berkeley general contractor the company's orientation was the restoration of Craftsman Style buildings, which then evolved into more specialized trades working with Slate, Copper, and Clay Tile roofing and architectural metals and solar. We have built some of the largest and most architecturally integrated solar rays in the state of California. 

We share ongoing and productive relationships with a number of notable Bay Area architects and contractors, and deeply value the relationships we have developed with our clients.  We value our workers as true craftsmen in the traditional, and marvel at the remarkable work that has been produced over the years.


California Contractors since 1986

Licenses # 503747 & 985477


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